Once Inspired, Can’t Stop!

I decided to take the components I created for the coreopsis card from the beginning of the week and throw them into customizing other things I had created before. I changed up an invitation to get a bunch of neat variations. I thought you could use them for some sort of garden party or maybe a birthday party invitation. You can see what I posted for sale yesterday below.

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It’s nice to be able to use some of the older flower photography or patterns I’ve have on file again. I couldn’t believe how perfectly the red paisley matched and I think that one is really striking.

I think what I’m going to have to do next is change up the color in the dots and solids so I can use it with different images. Maybe make up some fun font stuff for the main type of party since the Zazzle fonts can be somewhat limiting.

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Coreopsis Thank You Card

I was playing around in Photoshop the other day after getting inspired by a fellow Zazzler’s awesome Stargazer Lily Thank You card.

I think I like what I ended up with, although I think perhaps the yellow needs to be more orange to better go with the coreopsis flower. Any opinions?

It’s funny how you’ll get inspired by something, and then end up taking it in a pretty different direction. The basics are close to the same: a flower close up, “Thank You” text on the front, and a solid color border, but the differences in font choices alone can make a big difference in how something feels.

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