I’ve been a Marvel comics fan since I was a kid sitting in the book aisle at Meijer, reading Spider-Man and X-Men while my mom shopped. I was on again, off again for a lot of years, flirting with the indies and DC’s Vertigo through college. A combination of a guy giving away a large collection of trade on Freecycle and the internet convincing me to read Deadpool pulled me back into 616. Reading the entire Deadpool run got me wondering about these crossover events that were being reference and suddenly I’m digging up old copies of New Avengers and all number of other titles. Then Iron Man hit theaters and suddenly I’ve spent the last I don’t even know now how many years talking to people about the Marvel movies and related comics.

My pull list has waxed and waned over the years but there’s almost always an Avengers title on there. (And Deadpool, at least since they rebooted it again.) Right now I am all over Hawkeye. I love the story telling. I love the art. (I LOVE the art. OMG. How do you sell me on a title? Show me amazing art.) I love everything about it. Only thing I’m not crazy about is that there’s not a shirt available that’s just the bulls-eye that’s featured throughout the comic. What’s out there seems to be a bit more overt than I like with my fan shirts (I like to be a subtle nerd. Stop laughing, everyone who knows me irl). So I went and made one for myself.

Hawkguy Shirt! Woman taking picture of herself in a mirror wearing a white shirt with a purple bulls-eye on it

I figure that since there isn’t one out there right now, I’m not stepping on any toes offering it to others. Click below if you’d like one for yourself. You’ll be able to put it on everything from t-shirts to sweatshirts to baby onesies. I also ended up liking the bulls-eye a lot just in and of itself so I created some fun patterns with it and stuck it on a bunch of different stuff. Let me know what you think!

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