Today’s Best Award

Red Betta Siamese Fighting Fish profilecard
Red Betta Siamese Fighting Fish at The Octopus Gallery

Won a Today’s Best Award for this business card today. This is a design I had started a while ago and you can see an early version in the store. I had someone contact me about doing some custom work and I started to play with my betta cards again and this is one of the cards that I came up with. I’m really thrilled to have won this. It’s nice to get the recognition. They don’t usually translate into more sales for me, but the nice comments are always nice.

Bullmastiff stuff!

Bullmastiff Sphinx card
Bullmastiff Sphinx by OctopusPhotography

With having more time on my hands, I’m spending a lot of time with Greta, my bullmastiff. I got to taking pictures of her the other day and thought some of them would make really nice prints. However, since they didn’t quite fit with the fish stuff I have going on at my main Zazzle store, I created a new store for those and other straight up photography projects: Octopus Photography. It’s a little empty at the moment, but there should be some new stuff up in a little while.


Carnivorous Plants calendar
Carnivorous Plants

Sold two copies of this calendar tonight. I’m pretty happy about this because it’s one of my bigger Zazzle projects. I worked for a couple of weeks to get all the pictures taken and edited the way I wanted them. These are all pictures of carnivorous plants that I’ve grown myself. They’re a lot easier than you might think if you give them the right environment. I highly recommend Sarracenia Northwest for great plants, Texas Triffid Ranch for great information and The Pitcher Plant Project for gorgeous photography.