Welcome To Night Vale – Live Episode 49

At the time I write this post (ETA: which was on the 11th if you’re looking at the post date and going “bwah?”), episode 49 doesn’t have a name that I know of. However, it’s their second anniversary show that was taped at Town Hall in NYC. As this episode got split into two halves, I’m not going to say anything about the plot. If you don’t want to see the characters that show up, don’t click through to the rest of the set on Flickr. I’m just going to post a few of the main cast you’d expect.

Cecil, the Faceless Old Woman, and Hiram McDaniels

Carlos Lauren and Kevin


Such a good show! On the camera tech side of things, still using my D10 which has an abysmal zoom but thanks to Cecil wearing a white suit and the floating cat in front of me before the show, I managed to get settings that didn’t blow out all of the whites on faces this time. The images are a bit fuzzy and noisy, but I think this may be the best I can do for those sort of conditions and what the camera is and isn’t intended for. I mean, my Florida pictures were great at the beach and it’s waterproof. Would love to hear if you have setting or editing suggestions for low light conditions such as these.

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Thursday Pics

Pitcher Plant Bog, late spring This year's pitcher plants

This flower cannot be pollinated A gorgeous big pitcher

This year’s bog garden. I divided and moved a bunch of the bigger rhizomes so I’m not quite sure what all is coming up where. Not that I am ever sure. What are tags? We just don’t know [in my garden]. But I really can’t wait until it’s all full of pitchers. It’s going to look great! The cranberries are also filling in a lot of space and I’m seeing few of the bog violets that were poised to take over the bog last year.

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My own Jeremiah Vanderkamp print

Jason sitting on the couch with the Jeremiah Vanderkamp print on the wall overhead

I think I tweeted about this but didn’t post anything on the blog. Jason got me a print of Jeremiah for my birthday, all framed and everything. He’s now on the wall of the living room and makes me very happy. I never did hear from the guy that got the original but eh. I probably won’t do random art for strangers again. Friends, yes. For myself, yes. For sale, probably, although I’ve got so much random shit in my closet right now that I’ll never get rid of. I was showing my mom my Florida photos the other night and she was all “Why don’t you sell these?” Because no one buys them. There’s just a glut online and all over these days. I don’t have the drive or need to spend my time attempting to flog them so I do it for me. Although I do need to do a companion piece to Jeremiah…

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Monday Pics: A Thursday Tradition

Incoming, a wave about to crest over the camera

Black and white waves crashing on a beach

Low waves coming into shower with towering clouds overhead

Went down to Florida for a sorority sister’s wedding. She had it on the beach in Santa Rosa Beach, which was absolutely lovely. The area is called the Emerald Coast for the green color of the water and you can see it in these pictures (well, not in the black and white one). I’ve never been much of an ocean person, preferring Lake Michigan, but these was a really fantastic beach. The way the waves were coming in reminded me a lot of the lake and it didn’t have the awful algae problems the Great Lakes have now. Also, there were shoals of tiny fish and swimming crabs. The wedding was lovely but the beach was better. I think we may have to start visiting more often.

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Thursday Pics: Bee Edition

Mason bees emerging Mason bees emerging Mason bees emerging
Mason bees emerging Mason bees emerging Mason bees emerging

A few weeks ago I was working from home and went out to work on the back garden over my lunch. I managed to catch the mason bees emerging from their nests. Mason bees are a native pollinator that lays a single egg in a hole and then blocks it up with clay mud to protect the larvae as it matures. They will happily use a bee house like mine that’s just holes drilled into a block of wood. These bees generally emerge around the same time so I got a bunch of pictures of different bees chewing their way out. You can see the jaws of the bee in the lower left picture working on the hole. If you stood quietly next to the house, you could hear all kinds of chewing as they worked their way out.

These bees are great pollinators and the best sort to have for blueberries. They also won’t sting and don’t do any hole construction like carpenter bees do. They are also unfairly fuzzy and adorable.

Click through to Flickr to see 70+ images of the bees emerging.

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Thursday Pics

Close up of Greta's foot

Greta's head resting on the deck

Some vaguely arty Greta pics for this Spring Thursday.

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