Seed Exchange

Hey gardening friends! I’m going through my seed collection and purging stuff that didn’t work for me or that I have extra of. Yours for a kind word. I’ll list what it is, where I got it from, and approximately how old it is. If you want it, leave a comment. I’ll cross out anything that’s claimed. This stuff all germinated for me last year.

Garden Cress, Baker Creek, ~2013, 1 package
Watercress, John Scheepers, ~2013, 3/4 package
Chives, Burpees, 2014 (about half a package)
Black Plum Tomatoes, Baker Creek, 2015 (about 25 seeds)
Purple Peacock Broccoli, John Scheepers, 2015, (about half a package)
Honey Nut Mini Butternut Squash, John Scheepers, 2015, (at least 20 seeds)
Love-In-a-Mist Mixed Colors (flower), Baker Creek, 2015, 2 packages
Mystery peppers, home grown, 2014, 1 package