And now for something not featuring fish!

Venus Fly Trap mug
Venus Fly Trap at The Octopus Gallery

I originally put this image up on a mousepad and a friend of mine left a comment saying “It’s a trap!” which I thought was the perfect caption. So now I have a mug (and other things) in her honor. I would also like to highly recommend her This Shit Just Got Real mug. Very nice!

In other news, The Octopus Gallery is now on Facebook. Like it if you like it!

Midas Cichlid Poster

Midas in the 3rd dimension print
Midas in the 3rd dimension by greenterramfk
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I was browsing Zazzle today and ran across this gorgeous poster. This artist has a number of fish pictures that he’s made into these 3-D prints and I’m a big fan of them. Most of them are large cichlids or other tank busters. Probably easier to get nice photos of them. Tiny fish are hard to photograph. Fish in general are hard to photograph, but tiny fish are worse. I fail more often than not, which is why I really enjoy finding someone who’s work is so nice. Even if I do get a bit jealous. :D

I really dig the general layout of this poster and think it would make a great addition to any fish lover’s wall.