Things I wish I had thought of and a sale

mustached octopus with a monocle shirt
mustached octopus with a monocle shirt by kerrinsellstshirts

Look at this shirt! It has both an octopus and a mustache. There you go. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

(Are mustaches on things still cool? Oh god I don’t know)

In other news, you can get half off shirts today on Zazzle by clicking this link or using the code HALFOFFSHIRT. Me, I got another Hawkeye shirt, only this time on a wicking sports shirt so I can wear it hiking and not die in the heat. When I was marathoning, they told us to go out and definitely get a wicking shirt and never wear cotton so I did. I had never actually tried to do anything super stressful in Virginia heat in a cotton t-shirt until recently and omg. Yeah, don’t do that. GIVE ME ALL OF THE ADVANCED FIBER TECHNOLOGY.

I’m also hoping that the sleeves are longer than the North Face wicking shirt I have because the arms don’t cover enough of my armpit underneath my hiking pack and that’s annoying.

Things I Wish I Had Thought Of

Anyone who knows me knows I love the bull breeds. Greta is a “bull something”. No idea what. Something with a short muzzle is all that we’re really sure of. Could be a boxer or bullmastiff mix, maybe even bulldog. As yet the DNA tests are too pricey and dodgy of science for me to spend the money. She’s a dog. I actually went to the shelter looking for a pitbull when I went looking. The shelter was having a sale on their pibbles and all of the other shelters around me pretty much had hounds. (I am not a hound person.) So I ended up with Greta, but always like the pits. So finding this awesome bag is wonderful. It’s so colorful and the pup featured on it is so personable, you just want to snuggle her. I also feel like I know the dog this is based on from an internet community I’m a member of. I tweeted to the artist to see if it’s the same dog, but I don’t know if I’ll get a reply. They seem to be one of those Zazzlers that just uses their Twitter accounts for endless promotion, not actual communication with people. (A pet peeve of mine.) If I find out more, I’ll update!