Almost a year

We’re coming up on Penny’s birthday. She’ll be 1 at the end of November. We’ve had her for a bit over eight months. She was supposed to be the small dog! Those lab genes are much, much stronger than the Aussie Cattle Dog genes. At least that means while she’s a biting menace, she has a much softer mouth doing that than she could. Now if only we could get the barking to soften…

2 thoughts to “Almost a year”

    1. Yeah, those are legit. I have a service that intermittently posts those from my various Zazzle stores. I never know when it’s going to kick off so sometimes it just spams the shit out of my account. Frankly I’m surprised it’s still working with the API cut-offs. The products are pretty dated since I stopped really creating for the site when their quality and fairness to artists dropped off a while back.

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