My husband tends to run across the more interesting crazy people in DC. Mine generally are just scary. He encountered a guy outside of, I think, the Crystal City Metro station that had a whole thing about how everyone deserves their own robot. And honestly, I agree! You could go on long walks with your robot, discuss computer code with your robot, build rockets with your robot. All kinds of things would be possible if we all had our own robots!

Clean All the Things?

If you don’t know what that title refers to, get thee to Hyperbole and a Half and read This is Why I’ll Never be an Adult. Be sure to not be drinking anything while you read it.

I mention this because our dishwasher is on the fritz and now I have to handwash all the dishes. It’s on my list of not favorite ways to spend my time, but thankfully (?) I had a significant stretch of time during my childhood where we didn’t have a dishwasher. So I’m pretty good at handwashing and have it down to a science when I have to do it. I am, however, slightly suspicious of the water heater and the fact that the water isn’t getting as hot as I feel that it should be. Mostly it just goes to support my suspicion that appliances enter into suicide pacts. But to get back to my point, when I get done with a giant pile of dishes, I feel just like Allie in the “CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!” picture.

Then I go back to “INTERNET! FOREVER….” But at least the counter is clean.

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