Raining Blueberry Sales

In a fit of awesomeness, someone in the Northeast bought 11 of these blueberry shirts. I am super curious what they were used for. I hope it’s some sort of team thing and I’ll eventually find pictures of it. Maybe it’s a gardening expo about how awesome it is to grow your own blueberries. (Which is really, really is. Mine are just starting to ripen and they are the BEST.) Maybe they’re a running team, powered by blueberries. Maybe they just really like fruit. It’s a mystery!

What would your team fruit be and why?

Delicious Blueberry Shirt

My husband, when I first created this shirt, thought it was very silly and wondered why anyone would buy it. I said to him, “How could anyone resist this luscious and beautiful blueberry? It’s just so awesome!” And, mostly, I was agreeing with him. However, it’s actually one of my best sellers.

There’s just something about this great fruit that people can’t resist.