Thursday Pics

Cecil Baldwin on stage at the Welcome to Night Vale, Washington DC show

Cecil Baldwin and Meg Bashweiner on stage at the Welcome to Night Vale, Washington DC show

Pictures from the DC performance of The Librarian.

It is really frustrating when you camera doesn’t do what you want it to. I know mine’s not particularly fancy. I’ve got a Canon D10 primarily because it’s waterproof and shock-resistant. I wanted something that could live in my bag, go on hikes, and not be ruined when I inevitably drop it in the water. Unfortunately, it also limits how well it functions in difficult situations, like live theater. I turned the exposure down and I still ended up with the highlights blown out white in most of the pictures. But Caucasian humans under a spotlight in a dark theater is a more than you can expect from a point-n-shoot intended for shenanigans under full sun. I should probably be grateful it takes as good a pictures as it does of the aquarium fish. Again, not really something it’s intended for.

One day I’m gonna get me a camera that can cope with lower light situations. One day. And nice macro lenses. Those too. Because the world needs more pictures of the insides of bug eating plants right up close.