I’ve posted about my dog a couple of times here. Greta Splendens, née Dolce, was adopted from The Washington Animal Rescue League this summer. She is, we think, a bullmastiff mix, although no idea what the other half is as she really just looks like a mini mastiff, with a slightly less smooshed nose. She has been a joy and a half and even when she’s loudly protesting the presence of the garbage truck, I love that she’s in my life. I hope that if you’re looking for a dog, you consider looking past the hype and check out the thousands of bull breed dogs in shelters. Pitbulls, bulldogs, boxers and their mixes make fabulous pets.

If you already have a bull breed, how about helping convince other people? I’m sure your dog is a fabulous breed ambassador, so here are some stamps to help spread the word.

Bullmastiff stuff!

Bullmastiff Sphinx card
Bullmastiff Sphinx by OctopusPhotography

With having more time on my hands, I’m spending a lot of time with Greta, my bullmastiff. I got to taking pictures of her the other day and thought some of them would make really nice prints. However, since they didn’t quite fit with the fish stuff I have going on at my main Zazzle store, I created a new store for those and other straight up photography projects: Octopus Photography. It’s a little empty at the moment, but there should be some new stuff up in a little while.