Secretly a Water Dog?

We took Greta out to Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve this weekend for a change of scenery. If we had thought about it more, we probably would have waved off. Turns out there’s a very popular biking trail that runs through there. *facepalm* However, once we were on the Haul Road Trail things went a lot better.

The Haul Road Trail is a nice little hike. It winds through the different sections of the preserve, from forest to shore. There’s also a number of unofficial side trails that take you out to the shoreline more directly. Down the first one we found a great egret hunting the shallows. After Greta was informed that she was not allowed to chase the egret, she decided to get back to her water dog heritage. Or possibly mudskipper heritage.

Greta shoves her face right into the mud. Not sure if this was an attempt to get her head halter off or what.

Lying down right in the mud and plants.

A very pleased Greta reclines in the shade, covered in mud.

Yeah, that was disgusting. Even after being hosed off when we got home last night, she still smells like mud. I suspect I’m going to have to give her a proper bath. I don’t think she was super traumatized by our boating adventure. Of course, I haven’t tried to get her in a boat again yet either.