Things I Wish I Had Thought Of

Anyone who knows me knows I love the bull breeds. Greta is a “bull something”. No idea what. Something with a short muzzle is all that we’re really sure of. Could be a boxer or bullmastiff mix, maybe even bulldog. As yet the DNA tests are too pricey and dodgy of science for me to spend the money. She’s a dog. I actually went to the shelter looking for a pitbull when I went looking. The shelter was having a sale on their pibbles and all of the other shelters around me pretty much had hounds. (I am not a hound person.) So I ended up with Greta, but always like the pits. So finding this awesome bag is wonderful. It’s so colorful and the pup featured on it is so personable, you just want to snuggle her. I also feel like I know the dog this is based on from an internet community I’m a member of. I tweeted to the artist to see if it’s the same dog, but I don’t know if I’ll get a reply. They seem to be one of those Zazzlers that just uses their Twitter accounts for endless promotion, not actual communication with people. (A pet peeve of mine.) If I find out more, I’ll update!


I’ve posted about my dog a couple of times here. Greta Splendens, née Dolce, was adopted from The Washington Animal Rescue League this summer. She is, we think, a bullmastiff mix, although no idea what the other half is as she really just looks like a mini mastiff, with a slightly less smooshed nose. She has been a joy and a half and even when she’s loudly protesting the presence of the garbage truck, I love that she’s in my life. I hope that if you’re looking for a dog, you consider looking past the hype and check out the thousands of bull breed dogs in shelters. Pitbulls, bulldogs, boxers and their mixes make fabulous pets.

If you already have a bull breed, how about helping convince other people? I’m sure your dog is a fabulous breed ambassador, so here are some stamps to help spread the word.