A Greta Post

It’s been, um, a while! So much as happened! Well, not really that much, but there was some excitement. For example, for about six hours recently I had two dogs. A stray wandered into the neighborhood and after a number of various hijinx, ended up at my place. The original neighbor who took him in had a male dog he didn’t get along with at all (found out later from the owner that this is pretty common for him) but he got along fantastically with Greta. Weird, right? So we hung out at my house for a while, had some playtime, got some pictures. Eventually returned Nico the American Staffordshire Terrier to the bosom of his family around mid afternoon. I totally wanted to keep him :((((

Here is his handsome mug as posted on FB while trying to find his people:

Stray dog Picture of a black and white AmStaff dog smiling while Greta tries to photobomb it from the front

As you can see, Greta needed to be in all of the pictures.

Stealing Greta’s spot on the couch:

Nico Making himself at home on the orange couch

Tandem snoozing!

Tandem snoozing Both dogs lying on the floor with their feet towards each other, head to tail

There’s even a vid of them wrapping up a rough housing session with lots of wagging tails and face licking. Of course they stopped with the funny stuff when I got the camera out.

Haven’t heard from his people since he was picked up. Hope everything is going well. Gives me a bit of hope that Greta can act like a normal dog. Of course, a few days later we ran into another neighbor who had been walking her dog during the “Who’s going to take him?” discussion and Greta totally started shit with her schnauzer. *eyeroll*

How fucking gorgeous is my ridiculous dog?

Classic portrait

This last weekend we went to Mason Neck again to go canoeing, not even thinking about the fact that the wind was very high that day. The water was really rough, white capped waves and everything, so they weren’t renting canoes out. Since the tide was out, we decided to meander quite a ways down the beach and let Greta play in the water.

Here she decides to try and rub dead mussel all over her head.

Greta tries to roll on a mussel

Greta did a lot of “fetching”, as demonstrated in this video.

Mostly she just uses it as an excuse to dive into the water and then run around. Bringing back what we throw is secondary and it completely forgotten if the water gets too deep. However, she will gladly try to chase motor boats (and paddleboats. and windsurfers. #Gretaisadick). *facepalm*

Some boats were anchored offshore and she decided they needed to be destroyed. Thankfully we had already put her back on her long line after another off leash dog had made an appearance and we thought it was best for safety reasons.

I made her sit on this log, but “stay” could only hold her boat rage for so long.

Man, fuck boats. Greta sitting on a large log section looking off to the right with a very focused, concerned expression

An aborted charge ends with her standing in the waves flying “FUCK YOU!” tail. Oh Greta.


Thankfully, the boats left and she was distracted by the discovery of a large dead carp. It was soundly sniffed and then determined to not be food or really all that interesting.

A very large dead carp is found. Greta sniffing a large silver carp washed up on shore

At the end of the day, Greta is covered in water and sand.

A very wet dog covered in sand

All and all, a successful day.

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