Adventures in Booze

A list of alcohols lying on top of Greta the dog A list of alcohols lying on top of Greta who is starting to get up

So I’m starting on a new project. I’ve mentioned The Drunken Botanist a number of times (review) and now I’m really starting to have fun with it. The list you see above is the list of cordials and alcohols that I want to try from the book. They either sound interesting in their own right or they’re ingredients in cocktails mentioned that sound tasty. My exposure to liquors outside of the usual is pretty limited so as you can see, it’s an extensive list. It goes onto the back of the page. My plan is to review the stuff I’ve bought and the cocktails I’ve tried and I’m always open to suggestions. I also plan to take ridiculous pictures and have Greta in as many of them as I can. Because what else is the internet for?

2 thoughts to “Adventures in Booze”

    1. …but I already wrote one here! Turns out that while I can apparently talk about booze for a good 500 words or so, I am not great at reviewing books.

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